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Yearbook of the Year 2010

Realization of two breakthroughs:
In the year 2010, Jingda had achieved two breakthroughs, i.e. the production and sales volume of special enameled wires had exceeded 100,000 tons (not including other products of Jingda) and the profit reached over 200 million RMB, and the annual output of magnet wire was higher than that of Sumitomo of Japan, which made us rise from the 4th to the 3rd in the world ranking table.
Establishing the “Twelfth Five-Year” Plan:

The “twelfth five-year” plan for Jingda Corp has been determined, wherein the company will produce familiar products, develop familiar projects within the fields which we are familiar with. In addition, the company will expand business along with the edge of familiar products, prioritizing products such as magnet wire, automotive wire, electronic wire and rod, etc. By the end of 2015, the output of main products should reach to 296,000t, including 216,000t of magnet wire, and the sales revenue will be 18 billion RMB. We will double Jingda within five years.

Carrying Out the Activity of Quality Management Year :

Jingda insists in putting quality in the first place and doing good job in brand building during the development process. The aim of quality year activity is to make each employee of Jingda realize the importance of quality and intensify the quality awareness for the whole staff, thereby improving the brand image. This job has acquired remarkable achievements since its initiation in March on the basis of the comparison between the year-end data and that of same period of last year. In the future, we will continue the brand management and firmly adhere to product quality with no relaxing, winning the market with products of high quality.

Adhere to scientific and technological innovation:

In 2010, the project of “high speed winding tester for enameled wire” from Jingda, the project of “enameled round aluminum wire” from Jingxun Company and the project of “researches on the application of high solid content insulation enamel in magnet wire” from Tongling Jingda Rea Company had respectively obtained the third prize for progress in science and technology of Tongling.
Four items of appraisement for sci-tech achievements had been accomplished, including two items of provincial appraisement for sci-tech achievements, i.e. “high wear resistant composite magnet wire” from Jingda and “rare earth aluminium base fine magnet wire” from Jingxun Company; and two items of municipal appraisement for sci-tech achievements, i.e. “researches on the application of high solid content insulation enamel in magnet wires” from Tongling Jingda Rea Company and “high frequency resistant round copper magnet wire used in wind power generator” from Tongling Jinggong Rea Company.
In order to promote the enterprise image, Jingda has been always applying for high-tech enterprises actively in recent years. With great efforts, in 2010, Tongling Jingda Rea Special Enameled Wire Co. Ltd. and Tongling Jinggong Rea Special Wire Co. Ltd. were both affirmed as high-tech enterprises.

Inspecting of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee:

The Secretary of the provincial Party Committee of Anhui, Zhang Baoshun, came to inspect Tongling Jingda Rea Special Enameled Wire Co. Ltd. on July 16, 2010.

Our Company’s 20th Anniversary:


Yearbooks of the Year 2011:

Sales revenue reached over 10 billion RMB:

In 2011, since the booming industry situation was getting worse, the export business became sluggish and the domestic demand was weakening, which leaded to a more intense market competition within the industry. Nevertheless, all the staff of Jingda made great efforts together, finally making the sales revenue of the year 2011 for Jingda break the threshold of 10 billion RMB for the first time in history.

Accomplished private placement, which raised a funding of 608 million yuan:

In June, 2011, the company conducted a direct financing of 608 million yuan in the capital market for the third time, investing the technical improvement project of fine aluminium base magnet wire and the project of magnet wire used in new type of high efficiency and energy-saving compressor and motor, both of which were expanded around the technology development of magnet wire industry and customers’ demand. The smooth progress of the project not only improved our products structure to consolidate our leading position in the industry, but also laid a solid foundation for doubling Jingda in the period of ““twelfth five-year”.

Attending CWIMEM held in Berlin, German, and exploring foreign market actively:

In order to explore international market to make Jingda series of products to be present in oversea market, our company organized a nine-person group consisting of market managers from each branch company to participate CWIMEM held in Berlin, German during May 23, 2011 to June 3, 2011. Tongling Jingda and US Rea Company jointly attended this year’s exhibition. Based on our full previous preparation, the visiting customers on the spot were in an endless stream, with which we acquired a large amount of information and exhibited Jingda brand, reaching to the expected publicity effect.

To complete the technical reformation project for each company on time:

In 2011, Jingda actively implemented new construction and technological reformation projects, the details are as follows:
The project of third phase expansion of 9,000 tons for Tongling Jingxun Special Enamelled Wire Co., Ltd. was started at the end of 2010, finished and put into operation at the end of September, 2011;
The designed annual capacity of 30,000 tons of round enameled copper wire project for Guangdong Jinggong Rea Special Wire Co., Ltd.: The construction for the first phase 10,000 tons of project was started in July, 2011 and completed at the end of year 2011;
Newly set up 15,000 tons of low temperature wire project for Tianjin Jingda Rea Special Enameled Wire Co., Ltd. was put into operation in May, 2011;
Newly purchased one set of rod mill and 4 sets of horizontal enameling machines for Tongling Jingda Rea Special Enameled Wire Co., Ltd. in 2011;
One set of aluminum rod production line was added with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons for the expansion of Tongling Jingxuan Wire Co., Ltd.;
Invested RMB 18 million for 3.5 KVA substation for Tongling Jingyuan Wire Die Co., Ltd., newly added 16,000 KVA substation (was built and put into use ) to serve the third phase of Tongling Jingxun Special Enameled Wire Co., Ltd.

Acquiring the foreign shares of Tongling Tinco Tinned Wires Co., Ltd.:

Tongling Tinco Tinned Wires Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company between Tongling Jingda Special Magnet Wire Co., Ltd. and Italy Gambari International Srl. Chinese party holds 45% of shares and foreign party holds 55% of shares. In October, 2011, after friendly consultations between the two parties, Italian party transferred all the shares to Chinese party.

Yearbook of the Year 2012

Establishing Jingda Logistics, creating Jingda’s advantages:

In order to enhance the image of Jingda, promote the image of Jingda Logistics Company, make Jingda’s products more competitive, Jingda set up Jingda Logistics Company in April, 2012.

Setting up external sales workshop of Jingyuan Wire Die Co., Ltd.:

In May 2012, Tongling Jingyuan Wire Die Co., Ltd. established an external sales workshop to expand the production scale of dies and changed the profit structure of Jingyuan Company. At present, through the introduction and independent development, Jingyuan Wire Die Company has formed a relatively stable customer base.

Inspection by governor of Anhui Province:

On February 16, 2012, the governor of Anhui province- Li Bin visited Tongling Jingda Rea Special Enameled Wire Co., Ltd.

To accomplish various technical reformation projects:

Guangdong Jinggong Rea Special Wire Co., Ltd. was put into formal operation in March, 2012; the market situation of Tongling Tinco Tinned Wires Co., Ltd. is very good, which resulted into insufficient capacity, so we started the second phase construction for Tongling Tinco in April, 2012; In 2012, Tongling Jingxuan Wire Co., Ltd. purchased 1 set of up-casting oven with a capacity of 10,000 tons, 2 sets of up-casting ovens with each set of capacity of 6,000 tons, which expanded the capacity of copper rod, not only meeting the need of internal companies of Jingda, but also actively developing the external market and increasing the external sales.